Skull dangle  Earrings -  Halloween Jewelry & Dia de los muertos earrings handmade  Trendy fashion Horsehair Jewelry

       by Cowgirl Charm Gifts - Artist original

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Handmade  wholesale fashion jewelry-100 % real horsehair earrings from our beautiful horses at Sunny-Stables.  Trendy Fashion, skull dangle  earrings include Glass,pewter and sterling silver beads.

Indian Fashion Earrings
Sterling silver tribal beads

Black horse hair dangle earrings, sterling silver beads with flower stamp and cobalt blue glass beads.
$15.00- last pair left

Trendy Tribal fashion good Voodoo Earrings
Wood ,glass and pewter bronze beads with black Horsehair earrings.


African Fashion

Wood ,glass and pewter bronze beads -black Horse  earrings.


Skull  Earrings

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Tribal Fashion


Palomino horse dangle  earrings with  pewter aqua beads.


Skull dangle Earrings- Halloween,dia de los muertos-made with real  horse hair & pewter flowers. $15.00 RED-Black-Blue or Pink  skulls

Tribal Earrings

Skull dangle Earrings - long black trendy  earrings with skulls,Tribal beads and black horsehair.

Black horse earrings with Deep brown skull dark amber glass & wood Beads.$15.00

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