Gorgeous Flowers

OK, they’re not just gorgeous, they are spectacular! Orchid trees are easy to maintain, and make an excellent patio container plant. They are also lovely specimen trees, if you prune them their first few years so the canopy is properly shaped. Many Bauhinia will flower within a year from seed, and most within 2 years.try it! One pack of 10 fresh seeds ready to plant $ 4.00

Horse Manure Tea

Our horses  have been bathing themselves in the Florida sun  and eating the finest green hay for quite some time now. Just so we could ensure their health and the richest manure around.Your house plants, flowering plants, garden, shrubs and lawns will thrive when you condition the soil with Sunny Stables Farmer's Brew Tea. Three Tea bags $10.00

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Purple Orchid seedlings

Alfalfa Hay Tea

We’re not one to brag, but our flowers are simply beautiful with their bright colors and healthy leaves. Love your Roses, jump start their season this spring with a one-time feeding of Sunny Stables Natural Farmer’s Brew Alfalfa Tea! This is exclusively for Roses only. Three pack $5.00

Sunny Stables Manure Tea bags

Perfect for all of your garden needs. Assortment Pack Get Three tea bags in an assortment of all three varieties of tea to ensure that you cover all of your gardening needs. The manure and alfalfa is all ready to go inside the tea bags, no need for handling manure at all.  Three tea bags $10.00

Purple Orchid Tree Seeds

Easy to plant just let them lie very close to the soil surface, just barely dusting them with any cover of soil. Bauhinia seed will come through the soil with their seed coat leaves up on the stem, (the actual seed!) and use the food source inside as the stem continues to grow and the plant creates new leaves. They do eventually absorb them, but they turn green as they are kissed by the sun and need to be left intact. After they disappear you can begin lightly fertilizing the young seedling. One pack of 10 fresh seeds ready to plant $ 4.00

Rabbit Manure Tea

Here is a garden secret  to the golden crop, we  it call Bunny Gold.You can use bunny gold directly without making a Tea. Just spread it all over the garden. I like to think of them as time release capsules, as the pellets don't completely break down right away.Three tea bag pack $10.00